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America Is Being Held Hostage

Mitt Romney, The Republican Party, and most of Corporate America has been holding America hostage.

Did you know that your are being held hostage? Are OK with that?

Businesses have been making  RECORD PROFITS.  The Republican Party has been so intent on bringing down Obama, they have been willing to sabotage America in the process.  Republican Congress not passing policies nor negotiating on ideas they supported in the past, gridlocking to point of suffocation,  filibustering to the point of no return.   Businesses not hiring eventhough they are enjoying record profits.  Why would they do such a thing?  So that OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY will go sour and  they can lay the blame on Obama.

You know, the classic “Bite your own nose to spite your face” idiom.   That’s what they have done.  I never really understood who would be willing to do such a barbaric thing…  until now.

CUT YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE. When does this ever make sense?

It’s one thing to hate the other party’s policies, it’s part of the Democratic System.  But guess what bitches?   MAJORITY RULES.  In 2008, the majority of America voted for Obama.  But you guys cried like a bunch of stinky booty babies and set out on a demonic-inspired plan to destroy Obama by any means necessary, including sabotaging the economy and  causing thousands of American families to suffer unnecessarily.  Remember the Debt Ceiling Crisis that shouldn’t have been a crisis that caused our credit rating to fall for the first time ever.  WTF was that?  They have been holding us hostage.  Why?

THE RANSOM         So that on this day, Election Day,  Nov. 6, 2012, we would be so discontented with Obama, that we’ll try  something else.  Because they knew one thing about the psychology of the average American…  it doesn’t take much to sway you all away from this black guy in the first place.  So alot of you are falling for the okey-doke and falling in line like dumb sheep, voting for the very ones who are doing you wrong.  Frankly, it’s shocking that so many of you are so dumb.  Romney, the Republicans, and many American Corporations and business have been in cahoots to sabotage Obama and if they had to take the American Economy and Americans (like you and me) down to do, so be it.

LET ME LET YOU IN ON A SECRET:  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO WINS THE  PRESIDENCY ON NOV. 6,  STARTING NOV. 7,  AMERICAN CORPORATIONS ARE GOING TO STOP THIS FAKE SOB STORY ABOUT “Oh, the economy is soooo bad, and we don’t know what the future holds,  so we can’t hire anybody.”  It’s going to be business as usual, they are going to take those RECORD PROFITS THEY GAINED UNDER OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION, and start effectively running their businesses again.  They’ve held out long enough.

DID YOU PAY THE RANSOM?  Did you give them your VOTE?  Oh well,  if Romney eeks out a win, he’s going to give the corporations their share, “Trickle down economics which might reach some of you, a little bit, one day.”  Romney will get his share of the Ransom because business and Congress will make him look good, but his character of a lying charlatan will never stand up to the job which tests your mettle as a man at any given moment.  And the Republican Congress…  they get what they’ve always wanted…  “Get this “N” outta here.  Trying to tell us what to do!  Who does he think he is…  The President?”


“…and that’s how I see from my All-American Perspective, because I AM:”

The American By Default and her Peculiar Glasses

I didn’t create my settings. My ancestors didn’t create my settings. The oppressors of my ancestors created my settings – my default settings. Although my bloodline is part of the foundation of this nation, the united states of america, I’m a foreigner in a strange land. So at times I just sit back with my peculiar glasses on, checking you guys out from my peculiar position as the “All-American Non-American.” American (only) by Default. As such, you can’t tell me sh!t. I don’t want to hear your sh!t. And you probably ain’t about sh!t. Do I sound pissed? You damn skippy.


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