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Obama had to clean the Dirty-Ass Kitchen first

As a wife and mother of a house full of kids,  kitchen duties usually fall at my feet.  Making sure the kitchen is clean and preparing dinner is what I do.  As such, I consider myself a Pro.  Therefore, I am confident that all you other “Pros” out there will agree with what I am about to say:  “Obama had to CLEAN the kitchen first!”  What does that mean?

It means, before you can do this:

…you gotta do this

Look at this mess…  Clean the kitchen first…    Because you can’t cook Dinner in a “Dirty-Ass Kitchen”

Clean the Kitchen First!

Because you can’t cook Dinner in a Dirty-Ass Kitchen!

What is my point?

  Simple.  President George W. Bush’s administration left the country in a mess.  Yeah the house looked pretty on the outside, but when you went inside, it was like an episode of “Hoarders”!  The dishwasher’s full, both sinks overflowing with dirty dishes, kitchen counter’s cluttered and dirty. So before newly-elected President Obama could start cooking this big meal he promised everybody, he had to CLEAN THE KITCHEN FIRST!  You can’t start getting your pots boiling when there’s no clean pots to begin with and no room in the sink to wash the pots, let alone get water into the pots to put on the stove.  You can’t start chopping up your vegetables and seasoning your meat when there’s no countertop space for your chopping block!  Can you cook dinner in a Dirty-Ass Kitchen?  I can’t.  And neither could President Barak Obama. Now let’s get it straight.  The American By Default, that’s me, is not a “fan” of anybody’s except God Almighty and my husband.  So, I’m not a “fan” of Obama’s, but I am a fan of the Truth!

Back to the Dirty-Ass Kitchen.

PRO Tip:  Cleaning the dirty kitchen wastes time you could have spent cooking.

Another PRO Tip:  Once you have finally finished cleaning the once Dirty-Ass Kitchen, you wipe the sweat off your brow, look over the rim of peculiar glasses  at the culprits who dirtied the kitchen in the first place and threaten them if they even think about coming into your kitchen while you are trying to cook.

3rd PRO Tip:  They are going to come back! Just as you are finally ready to put your pots on the stove, they are going to stand in the entrance to your now clean kitchen and have the audacity to complain, saying, “Dang, when is Dinner going to be ready, it’s taking too long?!” While you do your best to count to 10 and ignore this childish behavior, what happens next is really gonna trip you out! They are going to come back again, only this time, seeing that the kitchen is now clean and there’s clear counter space, they are going to be pointing to their greedy little mouths and suggest to you that your dinner’s taking too long – so scrap that stuff –  and you should just let them (the very culprits who dirtied the kitchen) come back into the kitchen so they can slap together some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead.  “Do what?” you may say.  “And leave my kitchen dirty all over again?” you may say.

But for entertainment’s sake, let’s say you warded them off again and instead, you say, “Hey, how about you guys help me prepare MY dinner by setting the table for me?”  Sounds like a reasonable request, and most kids would probably do it.  But if have a bunch of “knuckleheads” in your family, it will probably go like this:  All of a sudden, they can’t remember where the plates are, or they can’t reach the cups, or they can’t find the hot sauce and what-not.  Nevermind that they had no problem finding everything when they dirtied up the kitchen in the first place.

So what do you do with a bunch of characters like that?  Do you let them get away with such childish behavior or even worse, reward them by letting them tell you what to do and how to do it?  Or do you tell them to go sit their asses down and read a book – or color in one – and let grown folks take care of grown folks’ business. You wouldn’t let them into your Kitchen.  I know I wouldn’t.  And neither should President Obama.

The choice is yours:  Do you let them back in to the “Now Cleaned Kitchen”

Finally the Kitchen is Clean enough that you can start Cooking! I mean, “Iron Chef” up in this mutha…!

or do you Vote for Barack Obama for a second term so that he can finish what he started after being delayed by having to clean up Bush’s mess and being obstructed by  they vast majority of the Republican Party.

I live in Texas, so they tell me that my vote for Obama doesn’t count anyway because of the demographics  we’ve got down here, but for the rest of you… even I, the AmericanByDefault -who really don’t care about your politics-  … even I say, let the man finish cooking his dinner… DAMN!

And that’s how I see it from my All-American Perspective.

The American By Default…
An All-American Perspective
This is how I see it through  my
“Peculiar Glasses”


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