Default Settings

The American-By-Default Style… 
Pre-set in the so-called “Peculiar Instituion”…  Coming to you from my “Peculiar Position”…  wearing my “Peculiar Glasses”

Definition of “Default Settings”

 default (noun, pronounced dee-FAWLT ) is a predesigned value or setting that is used by a computer program when a value or setting is not specified by the program user

The “program user” would be me, or you for yourself, or my ancestors and your ancestors for themselves.  Therefore, as for ME and mine, WE did not SPECIFY the following as our preferred “setting”:

This how my ancestors got here. How did your ancestors get here?

and …

A group of African youths rescued the theBritish Royal Navy as it intercepted illegal transport of slaves headed to the Americas.

and …

How much did they sell your children for?

and …

Black unemployment rate 0%!

and …

These scars might as well be on my back in 2012. The scars of American slave don’t heal well. So I cannot and will not forget about it or get over it.

and …

What would you do if they sold your son or daughter or mother or father or brother or sister or grandmother or cousin or…. you get my point.  And check out the date – 1833 – that’s less than 200 years ago.  You can’t just sweep this under the rug and act like it didn’t happen.  F*** that!

ALL OF THE ABOVE and much more to come constitutes the “Pre-set Values” that make me who I am today – “The American By Default”.  Although this American society, that today says, “Hey, get over it!”,  tries to sweep this dirt under the rug that is the American Flag, I, “The American By Default” am here say… “I don’t think so!” I am here to shake that rug and if dust flies into your eyes, or your racist allergies start flaring up… too bad!  Get over it!


Next…   How Can I Get Over It?!


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