BLACK Racism is just like White Racism….  

is what “FoxNews White folks” want you to think.  They  seem all pissed off that poor little “Happy Meal”-eating-Black-church-goer-killer dylan roof is about to get the death penalty for killing all those black people.  So what do they do?  They have jumped all over this newly released video out of Chicago of some stupid black young people terrorizing a seemingly white young person with special needs.  The video was just released barely 24 hours before these folks jumped all over it blaming Black Lives Matter, and calling for civil rights hate crime punishments, etc., just because someone said something about “F*** Trump” and “F*** white people.”

As bad as the behavior of these black young people was, the over-eagerness of these “FoxNews White folks” to focus on the “Trump supporter and white people ” references made in the 30 min FaceBook feed, has made my “Peculiar Glasses” fog up.  In their minds (yes, I’m a mind reader), they’re saying, “See these blacks are just like dylan roof, and should get the same treatment as dylan roof.”

Well, I say …
#1 No!  I don’t think these 4 perpetrators deserve a Happy Meal,
#2terrorizing somebody and letting them go is not on the same level as plotting and executing a massacre at a church, and
#3 can we at least see one of their online manefestos or video rants of how they hate white special needs people before we call in the Justice Dept.

Take a critical suggestion from The American-By-Default… Don’t show how desperate you are to prove that white racism in this country doesn’t exist and never existed.  Be patient and find a real equalizing example that proves your thesis that white racism doesn’t exist.

Original Facebook live streaming of hate crimes.

Original Facebook live streaming. Did these guys and their stupid kids get charged with a hate crime?

I know you people are used to killing Niggas and getting away with it, but don’t get all emotional behind the fact that your boy Roof is about to go down for his dirty deeds.  #FindABetterExample.

That’s how I see it from behind my “Peculiar Glasses” (the lens that I look through when I see the world that I live in…  based on my black american slave ancestry and history in america which is why I am “The American-By-Default”!

The American By Default and her Peculiar Glasses

I didn’t create my settings. My ancestors didn’t create my settings. The oppressors of my ancestors created my settings – my default settings. Although my bloodline is part of the foundation of this nation, the united states of america, I’m a foreigner in a strange land. So at times I just sit back with my peculiar glasses on, checking you guys out from my peculiar position as the “All-American Non-American.” American (only) by Default. As such, you can’t tell me sh!t. I don’t want to hear your sh!t. And you probably ain’t about sh!t. Do I sound pissed? You damn skippy.


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