Who Died and Made Trump King *


Bow Down Bi***** (sounds like Witches)

I’m baaaack.  Been gone for a minute, but I still have my Peculiar Sunglasses  on – you know, the glasses I got from The Peculiar Institution –  and I’ve been watching so much of this crap, I just had to pick up my pen and start writing.

* I have to start my blog off with a footnote.  In mid-December, I started writing this blog to expose the many ways Trump has conned his way into winning and now is parading around here like he’s the “King of America”.  Then  on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, the RNC (Republican National Committee) made this Christmas announcement:

“Over two millennia ago, a new hope was born into the world, a Savior who would offer the promise of salvation to all mankind,” the message from RNC chair Reince Priebus and co-chair Sharon Day said. “Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King.”

I don’t know which is the bigger joke: The fact that they believe he’s some kind of Jesus-like king, or that they deny that this is what they meant.  Either way, bow down Bitches, to your new king, “King Trump.”  So I guess the answer to my initial question, “Who died and made Trump King?”, is… wait for it… JESUS!
Let me stop laughing, and get back to my original blog…
This is a story about a con man who wanted to become President.  He went on to swindle enough of you people out of your votes and now he sits atop his throne and reigns as “King of the united states”.  You say, “Trump IS NOT A CON MAN!”  I say, “HA!”  Let’s take a look:

con man


  1. a man who cheats or tricks someone by means of a confidence game.
con·fi·dence game
  1. a swindle in which the victim is persuaded to trust the swindler in some way.
  1. 1.
    use deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions.[OR VOTES!]
    “a businessman swindled investors out of millions of dollars”
    [OR “A businessman swindled voters out of millions of Votes”]  
  1. 1.
    a fraudulent scheme or action.
    “he is mixed up in a $10 million insurance swindle”

TRUMP is a fraud to begin with… from his business practices (holding banks hostage in order to fund his failed real estate ventures, “TRUMP UNIVERSITY”, TRUMP’s Charity org which is under federal investigation because he used donated funds for his personal expenses, etc.) to his Presidential campaign.  The ratings-hungry media gave Trump free advertising to promote his year-long infomercial of a presidential campaign scam.  This free mass advertising  was key  because it took Trump’s con and spread it nationwide 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for a whole year.  The repeated notion of Trump becoming president – as ridiculous as it was and still is – became believable and alot of you people gained confidence in this notion after a while and you probably don’t know why.  It’s the psychology of the power of Advertising in which it has been proven that if you advertise something to people frequently enough, they’ll start believing that it’s a good idea… no matter how stupid.  People will buy anything…

Check out this informercial https://youtu.be/Cp5FAbJvUEY

(what happens if you’re not a good putter and the ball goes rolling around the dirty floor and you have to lean forward or take a few steps from the toilet to get it….  I mean, can we say LYSOL with bleach, do they throw in a couple of bottles??

Research proves messages are more effective when repeated.

Fact: This sentence will become more and more truthful every time you read it.
Studies suggest that repeated statements are perceived as more truthful than statements made less frequently,presumably because repetition imbues the statement with familiarity.  In simple terms: frequency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust.
Similarly studies show that repeated exposure to an opinion makes people believe the opinion is more prevalent, even if the source of that opinion is only a single person.

So if someone states often enough the he “knows more than the generals do” or that his son-in-law can solve the centuries old mideast peace problem, or that he knows exactly how to beat ISIS…   you might actually believe that sh** !

Being an experienced marketer, Trump knew this.  He knew he could gain your confidence by parading his infomercial in your faces constantly by offering the “whores-for-ratings” media outlets daily access to him.  Just like your cat’s litter box, after awhile, you get used to the STANK to the point where it smells like roses or something like that.
Check this example of the power of advertising….

Just like that dog, He lied to you with false “facts”, he deceived you with promises to do whatever you wanted to hear,  and he dodged every attempt to get real answers for how he was going to do all of this fantastic stuff.  RED FLAGS, people!  And now that he’s swindled you people out of your votes, he has removed some of the smoke and mirrors and some of you see him for the con man he’s been all along.

“Oh, that wall… probably gonna be a fence in places”

“Lock her up…  forget about it!”

“The illegal alien Mexicans, they gotta go folks”… not sure how I’m gonna round ’em all up yet though”

“Obamacare… gonna keep it”

“That dumb stupid president Obama, …. “Great guy!”

“I’m gonna separate myself from my business… NOT! … Don’t really have toooooo!”

“Drain the swamp”….  “YOU people need to stop saying that kind of stuff… it’s mean”

And that’s just the prologue,  we haven’t even gotten to the beginning.  He’s not sworn in yet!  But when you are King, you do what ever in the hell you want to do.

Oh, yeah, he’s your King, and Eric and Don are your princes, and Ivanka, not Elsa, is your new Princess.  But this ain’t no fairytale, it’s your new hell, so like I said earlier,

Bow down Bitches, to your new King, “King Trump!” and his reign of ineptitude and terror.



Please notice that I said YOUR king, not mine, because as The American-By-Default, I don’t bow down to none of this sh**, crap, anyway.
So entertain me!        Wait a minute… Let me get my  bucket o’ popcorn and call Jesus so that he and I can sit back and LMFAO.  Why? Because, from my vantage point, this is how I see it through my 3-D “Peculiar Glasses.”  Let the show begin!   The real “American Horror Story”begins NOW!

The American By Default and her Peculiar Glasses

I didn’t create my settings. My ancestors didn’t create my settings. The oppressors of my ancestors created my settings – my default settings. Although my bloodline is part of the foundation of this nation, the united states of america, I’m a foreigner in a strange land. So at times I just sit back with my peculiar glasses on, checking you guys out from my peculiar position as the “All-American Non-American.” American (only) by Default. As such, you can’t tell me sh!t. I don’t want to hear your sh!t. And you probably ain’t about sh!t. Do I sound pissed? You damn skippy.


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