Only Blacks (and Native Americans) Can Complain About Racism and Discrimination

Only Blacks (and Native Americans) can complain about Racism and Discrimination in the United States. Why, you ask? Because although others may experience a “feeling” of being treated unfairly due to a possible incident of “reverse discrimination,” or maybe some Black person said something you felt was Racist and “got away with it,” or whatever; do you really think that compares to 12 Years A Slave, or 100 years Some Slaves, or Generation After Generation Some G##Damn Slaves! I didn’t think so.

Whatever your complaint, it pales in comparison to what Blacks and Natives have experienced throughout the history of this country. And what enrages me about it the most is that you people who get your panties tied up in a knot behind this “alleged racism”, you are the same people who get amnesia when it comes to the real effects of real racism in the form of the Peculiar Institution aka (African-American Slavery) and its subsequent versions up to present date. You know, you are the ones who say, “Get over it”, or “Well, I never owned a slave” or some other crap like that. Well, I say to you, “You get over it! You don’t have the right to complain. And if I want to play a Race Card, or the whole damn Deck, I can. Why? Because, from my vantage point, this is how I see it through my “Peculiar Glasses.”

The American By Default

The American By Default and her Peculiar Glasses

I didn’t create my settings. My ancestors didn’t create my settings. The oppressors of my ancestors created my settings – my default settings. Although my bloodline is part of the foundation of this nation, the united states of america, I’m a foreigner in a strange land. So at times I just sit back with my peculiar glasses on, checking you guys out from my peculiar position as the “All-American Non-American.” American (only) by Default. As such, you can’t tell me sh!t. I don’t want to hear your sh!t. And you probably ain’t about sh!t. Do I sound pissed? You damn skippy.


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