NEWS FLASH… Blacks are being denied the Right to VOTE

Been there… Done that!

As I sit back and watch this election, I put on my peculiar glasses and this is what I see:


VOTER INTIMIDATION 1879 Election… The indimidators should be held accountable.

VOTER SUPPRESSION… The Suppressors should be held accountable.

VOTER SUPPRESSION… The Suppressors should be held accountable.

Election of 1876: Drawing titled: “One Less Vote” The Fourteenth Amendment, granting black men the right to vote, was ratified in July 1868. Every black vote became a threat to white Southerners’ political power. The stone reads, “Negroe Killed, Seymour Ratification, KKK.”

Drawing entitled” “The First Vote” = a President Obama
Despite all the blood and lives loss. African-Americans kept fight for their Right to Vote, culminating in 2008 to a win for Barak Obama.


VOTER SUPPRESSION… The Supressors should be held accountable.

VOTER INTIMIDATION… The intimidators should be held accountable.

2012 Early Voting In South Florida Marred By Missing Absentee Ballots, Long Lines


Is this what’s next? The more things change… the more they remain the same. However, this time around won’t be like the 1st time around. Bet that!

So what’s the conclusion of it all?  Win, Lose, or Draw, I’ve already declared this 2012 Presidential Election a Fraud.  Am I for Obama?  After scoping everything out through my peculiar glasses,  it doesn’t matter, because the bottom line is, the other side, the Republicans, are trying to steal this election by any means necessary.  And the #1 way they are doing it is a renewed campaign against the human, civil, and God-given rights of Black people like myself, my husband, and my children.  All I can say is they, the Republicans better Hope Obama wins or a Change is a’coming!!!  Right about now, they are F***ing with the wrong generations of Black people!  Take it how you want it!  Why?  See Below:

I   AM

The American By Default and her Peculiar Glasses

I didn’t create my settings. My ancestors didn’t create my settings. The oppressors of my ancestors created my settings – my default settings.  They set me right here, smack dab in the middle of the U. S. of A. Although my bloodline is part of the foundation of this nation, the united states of america, I’m a foreigner in a strange land. So at times I just sit back with my peculiar glasses on, checking you guys out from my peculiar position as the “All-American Non-American.” American (only) By Default. As such, you can’t tell me sh!t. I don’t want to hear your sh!t. And you probably ain’t about sh!t. Do I sound pissed? You damn skippy.


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